The Band

We are five musicians from Innsbruck (Austria) with different musical backgrounds but one single goal since summer 2018: We groove – you move! As a live band we love to feel the energy on stage and want to transmit it into the crowd and vice versa. Looking for a band for your venue? Whether it’s an intimate private party in a small apartment, a great wedding eve or a remote gig up in the mountains on a hut - We do and love to play them all!

What you’ll hear from us are covers from the ‘60s to today. Songs you know and love, but probably haven’t heared for a while. Our setlist also contains some delicate handmade pieces from our band members. Whether cover or original, both come with our special touch consisting of jazzy saxophon lines and lovely vocal harmonies. All to serve you a well-seasoned musical meal. Enjoy!

The Members

Nadine Müller
Lead Vocals

Hannah Lhotta
Backing Vocals

Marcus Ryan
Guitar & Drums
Backing Vocals

Jan Schmieder

Backing Vocals

Tobias Troppmair
Drums & Guitar